What To Know For Investing Safely In Bitcoin

what to know for investing safety bitcoin barone enterprise

Do you want to enter the world of cryptocurrencies? Read this guide and discover what to know to invest in bitcoin and how to do it safely and profitably.

how to invest in bitcoin barone enterprise

What to know to invest in bitcoin? 

Bitcoin is the main cryptocurrency: its appearance, in 2009, marked the beginning of the crypto market. 

It is a decentralized currency, which is based on the blockchain system.

The World Trade Organization (WTO), in its publication, Can blockchains revolutionize international trade?, explains the relationship between bitcoin and blockchain

“Blockchain is a technology that first appeared in 2008 within the cryptography expert community. It was conceptualized by […] Satoshi Nakamoto and first implemented in 2009 as a core component of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. […] Blockchain is the technology underpinning Bitcoin; it is the virtual infrastructure that Bitcoin uses.”

The channel of operation of bitcoin is the chain of blocks. 

What is investing in bitcoin? 

Investing in bitcoin is the action of allocating capital to this cryptocurrency, with the aim of protecting a profit. 

The financial investment of bitcoins can generate profitability in the medium and long term. 

Why invest in bitcoin? 

The characteristics of bitcoins are the following: 

  • Worldwide accessibility
  • Irreversible transactions. 
  • Privacy & Security
  • Speed ​​of operations. 
  • Uninterrupted market: it works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Decentralization of banking entities. The user has full control of their money. 
  • The volatility of your market offers great returns. 

Where to invest in cryptocurrencies? 

Through Barone Enterprise, the user operates with bitcoins and has full control of their capital at all times. 

In this way, you can generate income on your own crypto exchange. 

The service is completely automatic.

At any time, clients will be able to see the results of the bitcoins purchase and sale operations on their platform. 

cryptomatic trader barone enterprise

When to invest in bitcoin? 

One of the main characteristics of bitcoins is their volatile market, a common trait in all cryptocurrencies. 

The price of bitcoin has been variable since its origin in 2009. 

Barone Enterprise Study Center has taken the data of January and July, from 2013 to 2020, to observe the changes, as you can see in the infographic below.

bitcoin value 2013-2020 barone enterprise

From 2013 to 2016, the value of bitcoin did not exceed 1,000$

In 2017 the currency started to rise again.

In this timeframe, its maximum value was in December 2017: 20,089$.

And, in January 2021, it set a new listing record, around 35,000$

Recently, this cryptocurrency has established itself as the most important in the market. 

The investor has to know what the bitcoin market is like to take advantage of the best opportunity and buy the currency when its price is low.

How much is the minimum to invest in bitcoin? 

One bitcoin can be divided into one hundred million parts

This fraction is called satoshi

In mid-January, the value of bitcoin was 35,643$

Therefore, an investor can buy a portion for 0.00035643$, the minimum price to invest.  

equivalence satoshi bitcoin barone enterprise

Should you invest in bitcoins? 

Due to its constant growth, Bitcoin is a profitable currency from its birth, a decade ago, to the present. 

Since 2017, its rapid growth is incomparable to other crypto assets

In 2018, its value suffered a drop

bitcoin value 2017-2020 barone enterprise

In January 2021, it set its historical record in trading, hovering around 35,000$

Although altcoins’ appearance consolidates the cryptocurrency market, to this day, none have the ‘power’ of bitcoin.

How safe is it to invest in bitcoin? 

Bitcoins transactions are carried out through the blockchain system. 

The aforementioned WTO publication refers to its security: 

“Because of their decentralized and distributed nature and the use of cryptographic techniques, blockchains are said to be highly resilient to cyber-attacks compared to traditional databases – although there is no such thing as perfect resilience.” 

The blockchain allows validating and certifying operations with bitcoins

How to invest in bitcoin safely? 

To invest in bitcoin safely, you can follow the following tips

  • Carry out the operation through reliable investment platforms: in the case of Barone Enterprise, the company is characterized by its integrity, honesty and transparency
how to invest in bitcoin barone enterprise
  • Analyze the cryptocurrency market and look for the best investment opportunity. 
  • Do not share wallet passwords.

What is the best company to invest in bitcoins? 

Barone Enterprise is an innovative company in the development of automatic trading cryptobots

It is due to the following reasons: 

  • It uses automated software that allows you to invest and obtain profits, safely and quickly. 
  • Application of the latest technologies
  • Market diversification
  • Excellent performance of its incredible automatic bots
  • Total security. It allows the user to generate passive income and acquire financial freedom

What cryptocurrencies have the most future? 

In the following graph, you can see which are the cryptocurrencies with the highest capitalization. 

cryptocurrency capitalization barone enterprise

The capitalization of bitcoin is much higher than the rest of crypto assets (591,358,134,174$). 

However, ethereum, tether and XRP are the most profitable within the group of altcoins. 

How much does a bitcoin cost today? 

On January 5, 2021, the value of bitcoin was 31,741$

In that month, it marked its historical maximum, since its appearance in 2009.

What was bitcoin’s value in 2018?

Barone Enterprise Study Center has produced a graph with bitcoin’s value from January to December 2018

bitcoin value 2018 barone enterprise

The year started with a reduction of 10,000$, from 20,000$ in December 2017

And, thus, it was decreasing to 3,689$ at the end of the year. 

The annual average was 7,176$

How much does a bitcoin cost in US dollars? 

On January 5, 2021, the value of a bitcoin was 34.038,29 US dollars

Where can I buy bitcoins in the UK? 

To buy bitcoins in the UK, the investor must open an account on a platform and subsequently acquire a cryptocurrency portfolio

Barone Enterprise allows the user to buy and sell their bitcoins and everything earned on the exchange can be withdrawn at any time you want. 

How to invest in bitcoin in Australia? 

One of the advantages of investing in crypto assets is their accessibility, all over the world. 

With just a computer and internet connection, the user can carry out transactions. 

How to invest in bitcoin in Mexico? 

Mexico is one of the countries in which investment in crypto assets has grown the most. 

Barone Enterprise allows investment in bitcoins to be made from any country in the world

In the following infographic, you can see which are the countries in which cryptocurrencies have adapted best on a day-to-day basis. 

where cryptocurrency are used barone enterprise

According to data from Statista, Mexico is the sixth country in the ranking. 

At the beginning of January, the value of this cryptocurrency was 637,090.36 Mexican pesos


What can you learn from this guide? 

  • Bitcoins are characterized by their volatility, decentralization, accessibility, and security
  • The minimum amount to invest is a satoshi, whose price, in January, was 0.00035643$
  • The performance of bitcoin is superior to the rest of cryptocurrencies.
  • Through Barone Enterprise, the investor can trade crypto assets.

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