Configuración BECryptoBot®


Initial Setup

To set up your BECryptoBot® we need to associate your Telegram account with it. This way you will not only be able to see the operations performed by the bot, but also control it remotely.

Create your BECryptoBot® on Telegram

To create your own BECryptoBot on Telegram, click on the link below to open a chat with BotFather to set up your own Telegram bot to control and manage your BECryptoBot®.

You will see the following screen and you will have to click on the START button. Then type the following command for the bot:



Once done, BotFather will ask you to name your bot. An example might be:


Then it asks you to enter a username. This has to end in bot. For example:


Then you will get a message like this. You will have to provide us with the token, which is the text marked in red in the example below:

Click on the link hidden in blue in the screenshot above and your newly created bot will open. Simply click on Start to start it pending the operations of your BECryptoBot®.

Finally, you must access this other bot:

After starting it, just like the previous one by clicking on Start, it will give you an ID number. You must send us this information in the form.